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Back to Blogging!

I would not recommend doing this...especially if you are not yet divorced!

I would not recommend doing this…especially if you are not yet divorced!

This summer I have been pretty busy working and training for Ironman Canada. I am ready to get back to blogging (after a few months off) and I thought I would start with something easy.

One of my clients sent me this picture last week that I thought everyone would enjoy.

Divorce Cat: sometimes you just need a joke

People have started posting family law related articles and news on my Facebook wall (keep them coming!).

Recently my friend Meghan Russ (who works as a legal assistant at the family law firm of Cochard Johnson in Edmonton) sent me something that made me smile:

Divorce Cat

Divorce Cat

Divorce: in the news and just for fun!

Here are my picks for top five family law stories of the past week:

  1. The Supreme Court of Canada made a decision in the “Eric and Lola” case – ruling by a slim majority that specific provisions of the Civil Code of Quebec do not infringe the equality provisions set out in Section 15(1) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  See Georgialee Lang‘s blog “Supreme Court Says “No” to Common Law Spouses in Quebec” for a summary;
  2. As reported in the Vancouver Sun, a prominent Vancouver couple are going to court over what to do with a $615,000.00 wine collection;
  3. John Cleese is getting a divorce and funding the settlement by selling of moving props from Monty Python according to the Daily Mail.  (NOTE – if you have debts arising from your divorce and have extra stuff (like a car you never use or expensive furniture that does not fit in your new house) why not sell it to improve the financial situation?  Makes sense to me…);
  4. Liberty Ross is divorcing Rupert Sanders (it is reported that he cheated on her in the summer of 2012 with Kristin Stewart).  According to Perez Hilton, Ross is being represented by Laura Wasser (divorce lawyer to the stars); and
  5. In China a dialogue is opening about the lack of a law to provide for women to divorce homosexual spouses.  “In a report released last week, the First Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing called for a legislation to allow those who discover their spouses are homosexual to file for an annulment as an alternative to divorce.” (quote from Zeenews.com). This reminds me of the recent internet video sensation: Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends.

Wedding: a Christmas gift

Last week a former homeless couple in Calgary got married with the help of donations.  As reported by Global Calgary:

Dolly Sutherland and her partner Mark fell on hard times and ended up homeless for several years. They spent many nights at the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre, but through it all there was one constant.

“I have someone that he’s there to hold my hand, when I fall down he’ll pick me up again,” Dolly says of Mark.

The feeling is mutual.

“To me she’s everything,” Mark says. “She’s family, friendship and love to me, one big package.”

It’s no wonder the couple wants to make it official, but weddings are pricey these days. So when the Drop-In Centre asked Dolly what she wanted for Christmas, one thing immediately came to mind—and incredibly, her wish was granted.

“I couldn’t believe when I had that phone call, my wish came true,” Dolly says.

A stranger offered to pay for the couple’s marriage license, and soon others stepped up to pay for flowers, a cake, dress and all the other little details.

For more information about the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Center you can check out the website.

“D” is for Divorce

I was watching my favorite video on the internet right now when I came across this video about an episode of Sesame Street called “D” is for Divorce:

As described by the Daily Mail:

Sesame Street has aired an episode which deals with the sensitive issue of divorce for the first time.

A scene on the issue had been originally written for the show in 1992 – but was a disaster when tested before an audience of pre-schoolers who misunderstood and became upset.

The idea was shelved until this year – when writers came up with a slot featuring a fairy called Abby Cadabby whose parents have been divorced for a while. The 13-minute segment will be aired online today. 

Check out the online article and the above video describing the making of the episode.  You can also find a summary of the 1992 episode, that was never aired, on Wikipedia.

National Family Law Conference

Last week I attended the National Family Law Program in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The conference had amazing presenters and it was really fun to see some of my family law friends from around the country.

Enjoying my first lobster dinner with Andrea Farnham (from the firm Farnham West Stolee LLP)

Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about some of the materials and ideas presented at the conference as well as some of my own including:

  • Gifts and loans;
  • Evidence in family law trials;
  • Gender bias in family law; and
  • Retroactive support.

I am already looking forward to the 2014 program.