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Reddit My Divorce

RedditReddit.com is one of my favorite websites.  I go there almost every day to check news and important things on the internet.  This weekend I decided to search reddit for “divorce” -I should not have been surprised that there were about 5,400 results in 0.663 seconds (but I was).

There were funny threads and insightful threads.  Some of the threads  that I found most interesting (a mix of funny, serious and newsworthy) were:

There are so many different threads and posts on reddit.com that I had to stop reading (and get back to work).   While it is generally not possible to verify the identity of people posting on the internet, reading posts like these does provide useful insight into the perspective of others.

***Please note that some of the language used on the attached links is not safe for work (and the views expressed do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Hart Legal…or Christine Murray).

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