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Court Services Online: the Real Housewives of Vancouver

"The Real Housewives"

I recently saw a commercial for an episode of the Real Housewives of Vancouver and one line caught my attention: Jody was going to serve Mary with legal papers?

I did not pay too much attention to when the episode was airing.  Instead, I was interested in who was suing who, and why.

I went to Court Services Online to see what, if any, lawsuits had been filed against Mary.

Court Services Online is a very useful tool.  It allows you to e-search parties by name to check if there are any lawsuits.

You can complete these searches for free!  In many cases, if you pay an additional charge (usually $6.00) you can view the court file.

So, I searched Mary Zilba, to see if there were any lawsuits filed by the cast of the Real Housewives of Vancouver.
The results came back, there were two lawsuits with Mary Zilba as a party:
  1. A family law proceeding from 2011 (note – you generally cannot get access to family law proceeding documents online); and
  2. A small claims proceeding from 1998.
There were no recent lawsuits, and no lawsuits filed by a cast member of the Real Housewives of Vancouver.
Out of interest, I searched the names of the rest of the “Real Housewives”.
Here are some of the results:

What are some more practical uses of Court Services Online?

"Use the "Search Civil" feature to search for civil lawsuits"

Example of situations where this may be useful:

  • Has your blind date from E-Harmony been involved in a messy lawsuit/lawsuits?
  • Who is the person claiming that your grandfather’s estate owes her money? Are they litigious? Would they likely sue the estate?
  •  Has your spouse’s business been involved in lawsuits that have not been disclosed to you?