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Custody: dispute over dog costs $60,000.00 +

A puggle named Knuckles is the focus of a custody dispute that cost one of the parties, Mr. Craig Dershowitz, over $60,000.00 in legal fees. 

The Vancouver Sun reports that:

“A New York City man [Dershowitz] has spent more than $60,000 in lawyers’ fees trying to win custody of his dog after his ex-girlfriend took the pooch to California.”

There is no question that Knuckles is adorable:


"$60,000.00 worth of cute?"

 Derschowitz’s website provides insight into the background leading up to this custody battle:

I needed a place to stay and while I found a new place, I asked her to take care of him. When I finally settled, I agreed to share custody. Knuckles was, in many ways, my everything and I knew she cared about him and needed his support too.

I tried my hardest to be fair and flexible. Every exchange took place either at her house or close by – meaning I would do the 5 hour drive both ways just to be with my boy. It didn’t matter. I got to be with Knux and that was all I cared about.

At one switch point, she asked me to promise, promise, promise I would bring him back and not “steal him away forever.” I was dumbfounded by what she meant but I agreed. Little did I know what she was planning.

Next thing I know, a week before I thought we were meeting, she was on the road to California with my baby boy.

 Mr. Dershowitz has also started fundraising on his website to raise money for ongoing legal fees – for a contribution of $250.00 you can “play fetch with Knuckles.”  (NOTE – there are websites soliciting donations in child custody cases.  I do not recommend this course of action).

As I posted earlier this year, the Provinicial Court of British Columbia has declined to make custody or access orders in regard to dogs.


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  1. Benvie the Dog - Reply

    May 15, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    That is pretty funny. I think he should buy a new dog and get over it. I’m sure he will find another dog that loves him just as much as the last one. He could name it Knuckles too.

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