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Divorce: how do I select the right lawyer to represent me?

How do I find a lawyer to represent me in my family law matter?

When you are selecting a lawyer to represent you in your family law matter it is important to consider a number of factors, for example:

  1. Recommendations and referrals of people you trust – think of people whose opinion and feedback you respect – a close friend, a family member, a trusted professional like your accountant, a lawyer you use for other legal matters, or a trusted colleague.   It is a good sign if someone who has used a lawyer before has great things to say about his or her services;
  2. Experience – has the lawyer you are meeting with handled a case similar to yours, does the lawyer focus on family law (or is it something they do once in a while).  These are important considerations – I wouldn’t get my hair colored by someone who only does hair cuts;
  3. Fees – find out how your lawyer charges for his or her services and think about what you are willing to pay.  Keep in mind that the lawyer who charges the least for their services might not be the best option.  The cost of legal services is variable depending on the region you live in.  Determine what a reasonable rate is in your area (for example, your friend who lives in Toronto might have to pay a higher rate than you).
  4. Comfort level:  You will want to make sure you feel comfortable with the lawyer who is going to represent you and that they appreciate and listen to your goals.  Some lawyers charge for a initial consultation but it is worth spending the money to make sure you select the right lawyer.   It is reported that Heidi Klum interviewed a number of divorce lawyers in Los Angeles when deciding who she would get to represent her.
Sue Talia’s book, How to Avoid the Divorce from Hell: (and dance together at your daughter’s wedding) provides a comprehensive checklist which expands on the ideas above.  Sue Talia also provides a list of “Six Questions Not to Ask Your Prospective Lawyer” including:
  • “Are you really tough?”
  • “What is your win/loss record?”
  • “What is your track record against Attorney X?”
  • “Can my husband bribe the judge?”
  • “You’re a woman, so won’t you side with my wife?”
  • “My husband is SO intimidating…are you sure you can stand up to him?”

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    Thank you for the very insightful information. I appreciate the help as I’m been in search of a good lethbridge family lawyers. You have renewed my confidence that I can do it!

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